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Water Project 2015




Commencement  of  the preparation  of  the  project  activities  took  place  in  February  2014  consequent  to the  negotiations  conducted  by   Mr. Tom  Kawamoto, Assistant to President of  Green  Cross Japan  as  directed  by  Hon.  Shoo Iwasaki  ,President of the  Green Cross Japan  with  Ms. Marie  Laure  Vercanbre, Director  of  Water for  Life  Programme  of  Green  Cross  International situated at  Geneva Switzerland  on  procurement  of  funds  for  water  related  project  to be  implemented   by  the  National  Organization  of  Green  Cross  Sri Lanka, established  in  2005 as  the  28th  member.

It  is  also  very  significant   that the  organization was engaged   in  the  conservation, Protection and  maintenance   in  the  natural  environment  of  the Island  possessing   a  very  high  biodiversity . 

     01.  Submission  of  the  document  of  the  project  to Green  Cross  International 

Consequent  to  the  approval  by the  Advisory Board  of  Green  Cross  Sri Lanka  headed  by the  President,  the document  along  with  the  budget  proposal  were referred  to  Green  Cross  International  with  the  recommendation  of  Green  Cross  Japan  for  grant  of  funds  for  implementation of the proposal  according  to  the  stipulated criteria  such as (a) Need  Assessment, (b)  Executive  Summery  ,  (c)  Objectives  ,  (d)  Implementing  Organization  ,

(e)  Geographic Location, ( f)  Project Budget  with  Action  Plan. 

 02.  Pre  -  requisites  of  the  project 

( I)  Signing    of  the  MOU  documents between  Green  Cross  Sri Lanka  and  Maha  Oya  Pradesiya  Sabha  and  between  Green  Cross  Sri Lanka  and  contractor  nominated for the  construction  work  of  the  project.

(  II)  Indenting  for  construction  hardware  material   and  equipment  and  assess  lowest  prices  of   suppliers .     

( III)  Organizing  transport  facilities  for  goods  to  be  taken  from  Colombo  to the  project  location  at  Mahaoya.

(IV)  Appointment of Mr.  R.G Jayantha  a qualified  officer  of  Green  Cross Sri Lanka  in  building construction  as  the  Supervisor  of  the  project  from  commencement   up  to  completion and  submissions of  reports  on  progress  made. 

(V)  Visits  to the  project  location  headed  by  the  President  to  determine the  location  appropriate  for  major  constructions  viz,  the  digging  of  the  well, pump house,  water  tank  etc  according  to  the  drawings  of  construction along with  Mr. Tom  Kawarmoto  and  Mr.  Kuwahara of  Green  Cross Japan who  visited  Sri Lanka for  advising and  guiding the  future project  works.



 03.    Construction work of the  project 

We have completed all the work of the project relating to the Action Plan & quotation on 12th September 2015 and it was handover to the Mahaoya Pradeshiya Sabha and Nildiya Community Base Associate for maintenance and distribution of water to the families of the village.

04. On completion  of the  project  activities  investigations were  carried  by  the  following  organizations  on the  purity    of  the  water  

            (I)  Water Board of Sri Lanka

(II) Jinasena and  Co. Pvt  Ltd

05. The  reasons for the  delay  which  were  unavoidable  during  the  project  period  are  indicated  below;

            ( I)  Adverse  weather  conditions  during  the  months  of  heavy  rain

(II)  Considerable  time  was taken  to  investigate  the  purity  of  water  on  completion of  construction  work  as    Arsenic was  detected  in the  water  at the  beginning.

(III) The assistance required from the governmental officials were delay to a great extent due to the Presidential election in January and the General Election of August.




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