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Environment Diary Programme


The work programme commenced in July by visiting the schools selected by Green Cross Staff Members for educating the teachers and students of Grade V. The translation work and printing commenced in August while the printed books and the diary pagers were distribution to the schools in the last week of August. Monitoring of writing of the diaries by school children was undertaken by visiting school in September. In this connection a Seminar was held on 11th of September at which Mr. Tom Kawamoto Assistant to the President of Green Cross Japan also participated at the Seminar having visited Sri Lanka along with Mr. Kuwahara, Official of Green Cross Japan in charge of the diary programnme. In the last week of October the diaries written by students were collected by visiting the schools by Green Cross staff members and evaluation of the diaries was completed.

A second stage of the competition on writing of essay and a speech by a total of 100 students selected will be held on 15th September for selecting 3 winners for participation at the Children’s Symposium at Tokyo in Japan in December. The final ceremony took place on 2nd December 2008 at the auditorium of National Youth Council Services Centre at Maharagama for handing over of Air tickets, certificates, gifts etc. to the winners. At this occasion the winning short dramas conducted by Green Cross Sri Lanka under a competition will be presented by the children of the schools. A teacher to accompany the children was selected after an interview selected from an eligible group of teachers.

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