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On going


  • Library and Eco Community Center
  • Tree planting campaign
  • Programme on planting of 5000 Ebony Plants
  • Maintainance and improvement of Green Cross Solar Park

Environment Diary Programme

Consequent to the motivation by the officials of Green Cross Japan Mitsui and Co.LTD. agreed to fund the programme from 2009 for two years.This allowed us to expand the program to cover 30 schools/5000 students for participating at the program.In addition it was also decided to print the Guide Book in Sri Lanka after translating same from Japanese language in Sinhala. Advocacy activity was vigorously made by GCSL staff members visiting schools, involving government/municipal officials for their support so that we could proceed this program in a large scale.

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Reforestation Project

A Pilot Project was formulated by GCSL for Reforestation at Hambantota District in close proximity at Bundala Birds Sanctuary in a Government owned land of 27 hectares. According to the plan of action 23 hectares will be used for Reforestation activities and 4 hectares will be set aside for growing vegetables and fruits for local landless farmers who will support tree planting.

The project will achieve two objectives, reforestation of the area ruined by slash and burn (chena) farming and improvement of life of poor farmers suffered from degraded environment. The revenue from fruit trees can be shared between farmers and GCSL’s fund.