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Implementation of ongoing projects of 2008


  • Library and Eco Community Center
  • Tree Planting Campaign
  • Programme on planting of 5000 Ebony Plants

Environment Diary Programme

Consequent to the discussion Green cross Sri Lanka had with the President of Green Cross Japan, the funding authority of the project on writing Environment diaries of 2008 by students of Grade V, it was decided to admit 5000 students for participating at the programme. In addition it was also decided to print the Guide Book prepared in the Japanese language to print in Sri Lanka after translating same from Japanese language in Sinhala.

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Project in collaboration with World Vision

Green Cross Sri Lanka undertook the implementation of a project funded by World Vision Sri Lanka of World Vision International. The total Budget on this project on GND (Gram Niladhari Division) Level Master Plan Development (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Solidwaste Management) under Rural Integrated Water Sanitation and Hygiene (RIWASH) project amounted to Rs. 9,344.000.00. The project activities were stopped by the authorities of World Vision after 3 months due to constraints faced at the location of the project in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.