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Introduction the project to the School Children

The staff members of Green Cross Sri Lanka visited the schools selected in the month of Juneto introduce the Green Lane Diary competition and explained the procedure on writing diaries daily until the written diaries are collected for the evaluation.  Furthermore, the students were educated on the environmental conditions prevailing in Sri Lanka as well as in other countries especially due to Global Warming and sudden climatic changes.



Poster Competition  

The above occasion was commemorated by Green Cross Sri Lanka on the 22nd of March participated by a large number of school children, teachers and parents also graced by a host of environmentalists  and  educationalists on the invitations extended by the organization held at Sri Jayewardenaapura Boys’ school situated in close proximity to Colombo City.

It has to be stated that the organization conducted the commemoration relating to the World Water Day yearly especially under the “Green Lane Program” and made extensive arrangements to hold a Poster Competition among school children of Grade V studying in the schools of the Western Province of Sri Lanka.

According to the procedure adopted earlier our organization informed the principals and teachers to motivate the school children for the preparation of artistic posters on the themes issued under water conservation and protection and select winners for grant of mementoes, certificates and gifts to the winners at the Award Ceremony of the project normally conducted in November of each year. Under this system the poster submitted by the students certified by teachers were evaluated by prominent artists of the country for selecting winners.

In this year 2014 the Advisory Board decided to change the procedure of the Poster Competition in February for making same more effective and meaningful. In accordance with the decision the principals and teachers of the schools selected were requested to deploy a total of five students of each school undergoing studies in Grade V to call over at a specified school in the Western Province on the 22nd of March at 08.00 a.m. and to design Posters for commemorating this year’s theme, “Water and Energy”.

At this occasion the program started with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp by    Rev.Galagama Dhrmaransi Thero, Advisory Board Member of Green Cross Sri Lanka, Dr.Jagath Seneviratne, President of Green Cross Sri Lanka, Mr.Anura Handunneththi, Chief Instructor of teachers in Art attached to the Department of Education, and a teacher on behalf of teachers and a student on behalf of the students.

According to the Agenda, Dr.Jagath Seneviratne delivered the welcome address and specially thanked the departmental officer for educating the students for the preparation of the suitable poster. An opportunity was afforded to Rev. Galagama Dhammaransi Thero to explain the objective of the program. The occasion was very beneficial to the students as the guest speaker Mr.Anura Handunneththi referred to the proper development of an attractive poster by using different colors in relation to the topic of the year on water usage. The children were given a period of one and a half hours to complete the posters an indicate their names and schools on reverse of the posters.

The  work done by students were collected and they were evaluated by the panel of art inspector and teachers of schools and the following were selected as winners for presentation of certificates, gifts etc with mementoes as well.

                         Places from one to five

·         1st Place – Semini Dantanarayana, Dharmapala Vidyalaya

·         2nd Place – Sandra Diana Aishwarya Weerage, Anula Vidyalaya

·         3rd Place – P.R.Imasha Kawmindi Polgampala, Yasodaradevi Balika Maha Vidyalaya

·         4th Place – G.H.I. Shenali Imalsha, Vidyakara Balika Vidyalaya

·         5th Place – B. Tharushi Hansika, Bandaragama Central Collage, Bandaragama

                        Special Merit Certificates 

·         Senithi Sethanga Kathriarachchi, Dharmapala Vidyalaya

·         K.A.Naduni Dayavee Jayarathna, Subharathi Maha Vidyalaya

·         B.M.Nisumi Dulansa Basnayake, Gothami Vidyalaya

·         D.A.Savindu Manilka Dewpurarchchi, Prince of Wales Collage

·         A.Okanda Dilshan, Gothami Vidyalaya

·         Shashini Rashmidu Perera, Ananda Balika Maha Vidyalaya

·         D.M.D.Nimesha Nethmini, Ananda Balika Maha Vidyalaya

·         Ramika Dinil Silva, Army School

·         Oshan Bandara Ekanayake, Army School

·         S.Oshan Vimukthi, Kothalawala Model Primary School

                        Merit Certificates

·         E.A. Nisal Maleesha Thathsara, Wavita Maithree Maha Vidyalaya

·         G.L. Dinithi Imalsha, Dharmapala Vidyalaya

·         B.H.Kavindya Sandaru, Thalangama Lankasabha Kanishta Vidyalaya

·         Nimna Dinithi Fonseka, Wavita Maithree Maha Vidyalaya

·         W.T.Nileesha Nawanjana, Munidasa Kumarathunga Vidyalaya

·         Sashmi Gauravi Ekanayake, Vidyakara Balika Vidayalaya

·         R.B.Tilakshi Madhushani, Ananda Balika Maha Vidyalaya

·         Iresha Sewwandi Hewakodithuwakku, Vidyakara Balika Vidayalaya

·         D.K.Madushani Anjali Kumarathunga, Ihala Bomiriya Kanishta Vidyalaya,

·         J.A.Supuni Priyadarshani, Mahamaya Balika Vidyalaya

It was accepted by all concerned that the new procedure was excellent as the school children carried out the work without the help of others expressing their own knowledge on use of water without wastage and keep their homes and class room cleanly and attractively.

At the end of the program the children, teachers and invitees were entertained with refreshments.


Teachers Seminar

The above Teachers’ Seminar was held on the 31st of May 2014 at the office premises at Koswatta, Battaramulla participated by a total of thirty teachers under various   subjects on the conservation and protraction of the natural environment of Sri Lanka.

According to the agenda of the Seminar the activities commenced at 9.55 a.m participated by the following invitees    

01.  Ms. Menaka Senaviratne, Secretary to  the General Manager , Colombo Branch of Mitsubishi Corporation

02.  Ms. Hemamala Withanarachchi, Head of the Nursing Department, Kaatsu International University. 

03.  Dr. Jagath Senaviratne, President, National Organization of Green Cross Sri Lanka,  Senior Lecturer, Japanese Language Unit of Sri Jayawardhenapura University and Managing Director of Kaatsu International University

            The following conducted the lectures,

01. Mr. Pandula Andagama, Human Resource person of the former National   Museum as well as the former President of Sri Lanka Arts Council.

02. Ms. Kanchana Weeracoon , Adviser on International Environmental activities, the first President of Environment Friendly Volunteer  Organization as well as the Adviser on Youth Leaders.



According to the agenda, the lighting of the traditional oil lamp took place at 9.22 a.m participated by the above Invitees and Resource Persons

                    Thereafter, the Welcome Address was delivered by Dr.Jagath Senaviratne President of Green Cross Sri Lanka. During his speech he extended his gratitude to Ms. Menaka Senaviratne for gracing the occasion on behalf of Mitsubishi Corporation of Colombo Branch, Ms. Hemamala Vithanarachchi and the lecturers for their presence. The teachers for participating at the Seminar. In addition, he conveyed his sincere thanks to Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan for funding the Green Lane program for three years from 2012.

The first lecture was delivered by Ms. Kanchana Weeracoon.  During her lecture she pointed out that children should become Environment Friendly by Engaging in Environmental activities. She further stated that although there are lot of books and even lot of art work on Environment the children should be involved in practical  work such as growing of trees and protecting the valuable water for drinking, maintaining the premises at schools and their homes very cleanly. She also invited the teachers to go out of the building and observe the environment where many kinds of trees were growing.


At 11.50 a.m Ms. Thilani Dharshani, Project Coordinator of Green Lane program explained very clearly on how the children should write the Environment Diary for a period of three months after receiving the Environment Guide Book and the Diary. She also stated that the teachers in charge of grade 5 should monitor writing by the children and help them in case they wish to clarify any Environmental problems. Finally She said that a large number of teachers were present who have carried out the Green Lane program earlier should guide the children properly at the 2014 program.

               At the second session which commence at 11.30 a.m Mr. Pandula Andagama advised the teachers to give freedom to the children to express their own thoughts at the second competition on the presentation of a speech at second stage. Therefore the teachers should educate the students by providing a lot of knowledge on Environment. In addition, he said that when presenting dramas they should select day to day Environmental activities they observe by going out to see places such as forests, lakes, paddy fields, etc.

                       At the end of the second session at 1.30 p.m the certificates for attending the Seminar were distributed by the invitees, the lecturers and staff members of Green Cross Sri Lanka.


                The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Thilani Dharshani, Project Coordinator and the Seminar terminated at 1.30 p.m with the lunch provided to the teachers by Green Cross Sri Lanka.  


Printing and Distribution of books to Schools


According to the initial preparation of the project we collected the statistics on the number of school  children to be participated during this year from the government schools selected from Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara and Ampare districts.  It was finally estimated to print the 7166 Environment Guide Books and the Diary Books from each after completing the translation from the Japanese Language to the Sinhala Language. In this connection a total of 7121 books will be distributed to the schools and the balance 45 books will be use for sending to Green Cross Japan, Green Cross Australia, Green Cross Korea, Green Cross International, Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka, your corporation and others if any.

On completion of the work by the printer we received a total 7166 printed books from each category on 29th  July 2014. The staff members of our organization along with others who provided services on a volunteer basis visited all the school in Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara and distributed the books on 30th and 31st  July 2014 to each school the number requested according to the number of students of Grade 5 classes under acknowledgment by the teachers and the relevant schedules are annexed. 

The school children who received the diaries will start writing them from 04th of August 2014 and complete same on the 05th of October 2014 and during the period of writing the diaries the staff members of our organization will visit the schools in the month of September and monitor the work done by the students and clarify any questions raised by the students as well as by the teachers.


Drama Competition

The competition of 2014 was held on 04th October 2014 at Sri Jayewardenepura Boy’s School, Kotte.  All schools participating at the Green Lane Programme were requested to present Short Drama of 10 minutes duration by five actors or actresses to depict the need and protection of the conservation of the environment of Sri Lanka.

The Final Results were as follows,

Wining Drams,

·         First Best drama  - Sri Rahula Balika Vidylaya, Malabe

·         Second Best drama – Wethara Junior School, Wethara

·         Third Best drama – Pannpitiya Dharmapala Vidyalaya


Meritorious Dramas,

·         Princess of Wales College, Moratuwa

·         Bandaragama Central College,Bandaragama.

·         Yasodara Devi Balika Vidyalya, Gampaha


·         The Best Actor – Tharusha Dineth Alwis, Bandaragama Central College,Bandaragama

·         The Best Actress – Oshini Pinimuthu, of Yasodhara Devi Balika Vidyalaya, Gampaha

§  The Meritorious Acting,

1.      Jehan Perera of Pannipitiya Dharmapala Vidyalaya

2.      Chulani Kokila of Rahula Balika Vidyalaya, Malabe

3.      Cheranga Parami Gunasekara of Gothami Balika Vidyalya, Gampaha

4.      K. Menaka Deshan of Wethara Junior School, Wethara

5.      Methmi Nimsarani of Princess of Wales College, Moratuwa  


§  The Best Eco Friendly Theme

·         Ananda Balika Vidyalaya, Kotte .


§  The Best Eco Friendly Background

·         Rahula Balika Vidyalaya, Malabe .

The mementoes, Certificates and gifts will be presented to the above winners at the Award Ceremony to be held in due cause.



Evaluation of written Diaries

The evaluation of all written diaries received are being evaluated by a team of undergraduates of universities at present for selection of one hundred outstanding dairies to be exposed to the next competition on the Speech and Essay contests to be held on 01st November 2014 in the presence for of a Panel of judges for selecting winners numbering four to participated at the International Children’s Symposium at Tokyo, Japan.


The collected diaries awaiting evaluation

Collected diaries being evaluated


Speech and Essay Contest

After the evaluation of the written diaries, a total of 100 outstanding students were selected to be exposed to the next competition on the Speech and Essay contest. This was organization on the 01st of November 2014 at the premises of the office of Green Cross Sri Lanka at Koswatta from 8.00 a.m. to 4.30  p.m.  The panel of Judges for evaluation of the performance was as follows.

01.         Mrs.Shirani Kalansooriya, Administrative Directress of the        

Education Department of Western Province .  

02.        Mrs. Tharaka Wasalamudali Arachchi, Prominent Announcer and Writer

03.        Ms. Soma Jayakody, Popular writer of Specially children books.

The rules and regulations were explained before the commencement  of the contests relating to the speech and essay. The students were summoned for the contest in two batches , one in the morning and the other  in the afternoon .


Commemorative the 10th Celebrations and Award Ceremony

The National Organization of Green Cross Sri Lanka having accomplished a decade of environmental activities from 2005 onwards for the benefit of the people of Sri Lanka with special emphasis on the school children conducted the Commemorative Ceremony on the 25th of November 2014 at the National Youth Services Centre, Maharagama along with the Annual Award Ceremony under the “Green Lane” Competition among the school children of selected schools of Colombo, Gampaha and Kaluthara districts.

The Ceremonies were graced by Hon. D.M. Jayaratne , Prime Minister of Sri Lanka as the Chief Invited Guest while Hon. Susil Premajayantha Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy and Hon. Bandula Gunawardena Minister of Education participated as the Guest of Honor and the Special Guest Respectively.

 A host of under mentioned distinguished invitees also graced the occasion.

Mr. Naoto Honda, General Manager of  Mitsubishi Corporation of Colombo Branch along with his staff members Mr.  Devkumar Fernando, Deputy General Manager. Mrs. Ayomi Warnakulasuriya Secretary, Business Unit.

Hon. Shoo Iwasaki Director of Asian Region and Board Member, Green Cross International as well as the President of Green Cross  Japan and Mr. Tsunehiko Kawamoto Asst. to the President along with the following Japanese educationists and environmentalists,


1.      Mr. Ryuji Kuwahara

2.      Ms. Kawmoto Michiyo

3.      Ms. Akimato Yoshie

4.      Ms. Maeda Atsuko

5.      Ms. Kimoto Kimiko

6.      Mr. Makimura Ryuichiro

7.      Ms. Ito Mieko

8.      Ms. Shinguriyo Ryoko

9.      Ms. Sakai Nozomi

10.  Ms. Sakai Chihoko

11.  Ms. Toyono Yasuko

12.  Mr. Ejima Takahisa

13.  Ms. Ejima Yoko

14.  Ms. Adachi Akemi

15.  Ms. Okino Masuko

16.  Ms. Tada Akemi

The eminent invitees of Sri Lanka were also present at the venue.

The agenda of the ceremonies commenced at 9.00 am and all the invitees were welcomed at the entrance of the hall by Dr. Jagath Seneviratne, President of Green Cross Sri Lanka and they were ushered into the main hall of the Centre headed by a group of traditional Kandyan dancers and drummers. Before taking their seats, all the invitees lighted the traditional oil lamps.

The next item was the Welcome Address and it was delivered by Dr. Jagath Seneviratne.

The following distinguished invitees,

            Hon. D.M.  Jayaratne, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

            Hon. Susil Premajayantha Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy

            Hon. Bandula Gunawardena Minister of Education

            Hon. Shoo Iwasaki Director of Asian Region and Board Member, Green Cross International (Translated by Dr. Jagath Seneviratne from Japanese to Sinhala) make their Speeches at the occasion.

The air tickets, to the winners for visiting Japan and teacher as well as Environment Badges, Certificates, Gifts and Mementoes were presented to the recipients by the distinguished invitees.

After the interval for refreshments at 11.00 am an attractive dance items was presented by female dancers of Artist Mr. Buddawatta which was appreciated by all present.

In Addition the students who won the trips to Japans from 2005 up to 2013 presented another dance item.

Summary of the presentation of certificates, mementoes and gifts are indicated below,

1. Five Air Tickets, certificates and gifts to the for winning children and the teacher to visit Japan and December

            2. Six Outstanding Merit Certificates and gifts for excellent performance

            3. Ninety Merit Certificates and gifts for selection on writing satisfactory diaries

            4. Four Hundred and fifty certificates and gifts to winners at school level

5. Eighty Five certificates and Mementoes to teachers for assisting the program

6. Participating Certificates to all participants of 2014 program


On winding up the items of the Ceremonies the vote of thanks was delivered by Rev. Galagama Dhammaransi Thero.

The ceremony ended with the recital of the National Anthem at 12.00 noon.


Visit to Japan

On completion of the activities of the program the following team visited Japan from  10th Dec.2014 to 15th Dec. 2014.


            Four Students

1st Place – P.A.W. VINUMI SANDEERA, Piliyandala No. 1 Junior School, Piliyandala,

2nd Place – S. S. A. AMANDA  IMASHI, Gothami Vidyalaya, Gampaha,

3rd Place – H.A. CHAMUDI  THARUHANSI, Rahula Balika Vidyalaya, Malabe,

4th Place -   H. DINUKA  RAVIDU , Pannipitiya Dharmapala Vidyalaya, Pannipitiya,



Ms. H.P.K. Subadra Chandrasekara of Ananda Balika Vidyalaya, Kotte 

and Dr. Jagath Seneviratne, President of Green Cross Sri Lanka and a staff member.

It is significant that the winners of the program who participated at the International Children Symposium on 13th December, were very successfully interacted with the children of other countries. On conclusion of the Symposium, the winners and the teacher were awarded mementoes and certificates.

They also were fortunate enough to visit Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan and meet the officials and thanked them for their kind assistance. Furthermore, it was possible for the members of the team to meet Hon. Shoo Iwasaki, President of Green Cross Japan at his office. They had the opportunity to engage in a sightseeing program of Japan before returning to Sri Lanka on 15th  December 2014.



The Advisory Board of the Organization decided to establish Herbal Gardens at schools with the participation of the winners of the Green Lane Program of 2014. It was initiated by Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan through Mitsubishi Corporation of Colombo Branch.   

It was significant that funds were approved under the “Project Estimated Budget of 2014” by Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan.

The first Herbal Garden was launched at Sri Rahula Balika Vidyalaya on 13rd of February 2015 with the participation of host of invitees such as the principal, teachers, children and parents. A Main Name Board of “Green Cross Green Herbal School Garden” and Plants name board have been installed at the location.

In addition, the following items were supplied for the program.

·         Plants and Saplings

·         Manure, mainly compost

·         Gardening equipment

·         Items for the construction of a fence such as timber

The Second Herbal Garden at Gothami Kanistha Vidyalya was inaugurated on the 16th of February 2015 with participation of the principal, teachers and School children. A Main Name Board of “Green Cross Green Herbal School Garden” and Plants name board have been installed at the location.

In addition, the following were supplied as requested by the teachers for maintaining the garden successfully.

·         Plants and Saplings

·         Manure including Compost

·         Gardening equipments

·         Timber for making the fence around the garden.

  The principals, teachers, parents and schools children of the schools were delighted that Green Cross Sri Lanka    established Herbal Gardens at the premises of the schools to be maintained with the kind assistance of the Funding Authority.